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MG - Morris Garage is British company, which manufactured serial cars and sports cars. In the entire history the manufacturer produced more than 40 different models, among them the legendary MG Midget in two generations, Magnette, sport cars MGA and MG TF, and many other legends of world car industry. MG cars were regular winners of various competitions, first in Europe, then in the United States.

Cars of this brand were equipped with quite simple small displacement engines. Generally, the manufacturer produced four-cylinder and six-cylinder inline engines with a single camshaft located in a cast-iron block (OHV). Despite the fact that cars themselves don't have a good quality, engines were reliable and easy to repair and modify for racing. Low power of these engines was compensated by light weight of the car chassis and great handling on the road.

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MG 1275 Engine/Tran+other parts

MG 1275 Engine/Tran+other parts

Brown Deer, Wisconsin

MG MGA vintage body, engine parts

MG MGA vintage body, engine parts

Andrews, Indiana

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