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Buick is American car manufacturer, department of General Motors corporation. In addition to the North American market, Buick brand is represented on the Chinese market in our day. This brand has ever-increasing demand in Asia.

Models of Buick department along with Chevrolet and Pontiac became symbols of American style in the automotive industry. The first 6-cylinder Buick appeared in 1914. Big 8-cylinder engines were installed in all cars of this brand in 1931. The first in the history of the car under the name Roadmaster in its open (phaeton, mod. 87S) and closed (sedan mod.81) version was released in 1936. Starting this year, each series of Buick cars in addition to a numbered designation got else its own name. There were five series: 40 - Special, 50 - Super, 60 - Century, 80 - Roadster and 90 - Limited. Since 1954, Buick model series were updated every 2-3 years until 1961.

Since 2001, Buick as the department of General Motors produces the one type of relatively low-cost, full-size front-wheel drive cars of the middle class for the US market mostly.

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