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Triumph Motor Company - British car manufacturer. The history of the marquee started in 1885 when Siegfried Bettmann started importing bicycles and selling them under his own trade name in London. Already in 1889, Triumph began manufacturing motorcycles in Coventry. But manufacturer started producing cars just from 1923 when they bought the Dawson company.

At the beginning, the company used engines purchased from another company. But with the growth of the company, the manufacturer began to develop and produce their own engines for motorcycles as well as for their cars. In 1936, Triumph began to produce its own 4- and 6-cylinder overhead valve engine with overhead camshafts and two carburetors. These engines are typical for almost every popular Triumph models such Gloria, Dolomite, TR-2, TR-3, TR-3A, TR-4, TR-4A, TR-5 and TR-6. In the end of their history, the manufacturer produced model Stag and Rover-3500 with Rover V8 engine.

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