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Chrysler Company was organized in 1924 by businessman and engineer Walter Percy Chrysler, in the course of reorganization "Maxwell Motor", which in its time absorbed founded in 1908 Chalmers Motor Companies and Willys-Overland. The first car "Chrysler" (6-cylinder) was released in 1924. In 1928 successful purchase of Dodge has brought Chrysler in the list of leading US automobile manufacturers.

Chrysler engines are characterized by a high degree of reliability, and specifications that match modern requirements. Due to the high engine elasticity, reaches a sufficiently high-torque and acceleration even at low speeds. The absence of increased requirements to quality of fuel makes the engine of the car Chrysler suitable for use in various markets.

Engines with small displacement preferably designed in cooperation with the Japanese company Mitsubishi, which, naturally, reflected both the quality of products and its technical characteristics. Chrysler engines of large displacement, with a decent technical indicators are the product of self-development group.

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