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The Japanese company Kubota specializes in producing high-tech diesel engine with liquid cooling, on their basis are built the most modern and highly autonomous power supply systems, which able to work for a long time, 24/7.

The current lineup of engines Kubota, designed specifically for installation in power stations, has dozens of models in the power range from 9.9 to 72.8 kW (13.3 - 97.6 hp). The company offers a two-, three- and four-cylinder engines, the main characteristics of which include low noise and vibration, high environmental friendliness, fuel economy, reliability, and durability. The motors correspond to the most stringent norms of the EU and US standards.

Kubota Diesel engines are used in agriculture, construction industry. Due to the wide model range, there is always the possibility to choose the engine Kubota, which will do the work as efficiently as possible.

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