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General Motor has stopped production of one of their most legendary cars - Pontiac. However, these models continue to properly serve to their owners. In many ways, it provides high-quality Pontiac engines.

First of all this provides durability the original resource of 500 thousand kilometers, laid down in each of the presented models of engines. Cars often equipped with 4-cylinder engines. There were Pontiac models with 1.6, 1.8 liters engines on the market. All motors of this manufacturer are very powerful. So 2ZZ-GE model with the displacement of 1.8 liters produces 180 hp easily.

Any Pontiac engines are very reliable. The owners of this car brand can be sure that this luxury car will successfully serve for many years. That is because of only modern and high-quality parts use at car manufacturing. However, Pontiac engines can sometimes break down. At the same time, Pontiac engines are not the easiest to service. Therefore, repair and preventive maintenance of all models are better to trust the professional. This will guaranty a long life of the car and the engine.

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