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Carmaker Porsche was founded in Germany in 1931. And at first, the company engaged in a design development for various companies. The first car of the Porsche 356 was introduced in 1948. Volkswagen engine was installed on it. Coupe Porsche 911was developed later. Many experts admit that this is the best sports coupes in the world.

In the legendary Porsche 911 was originally set boxer engine with six-cylinder horizontally arranged. But the developers were thinking about how to equip the Porsche 911 four-cylinder engines. This is due to more stringent restrictions on the emissions to the atmosphere. At the same time, engineers have made sure, that the removals of two cylinders are not dramatically affected on characteristics of an engine.

Cars of brand Porsche were recognized as the most reliable in the world in 2010. Thanks to the 911 Turbo-Drive sports cars, Porsche won the award Best Performance Engine Award. This confirms that the company is one of the automakers that produce the most powerful engines.

For Porsche engines are characterized by high power, able to lead to the highest real sports car victories. So, Porsche 959 engines are now regarded as one of the innovative models of this brand, characterized by the presence of the six-cylinder boxer, cylinder head Porsche engines are water-cooled, model has two overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder, power is provided by two turbochargers with powerful modern coolers. Due to this, Porsche engines have a power 450 hp.

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