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General Motors Company is included in the group of the most famous car manufacturers. Cars of this company stand out for its impressive size, power, and comfort. It should be noted that GMC engines fully comply with the status of the manufacturer and have the good reviews. All modern engines GMC stand out a reliable resource that says about what they can be exploited in extreme conditions.

The history of General Motors Corporation began in 1900. It created the first truck with a horizontal single-cylinder engine. Initially, the company name was "Rapid Motor Vehicle". Then organize the concern General Motors, which gradually took control of all automobile companies in Michigan. It was only in 1916 on the world stage was designated General Motors Corporation.

Not so long ago there was the first short note about what designers and engineers of General Motors began working on new engines GMC, which in the near future should be real competitors to V-shaped six-cylinder engine Ford EcoBoost. It means that now the design thought of the group engineers is working on a 3.0 liter V-shaped, six-cylinder turbocharged GMC engines using direct injection technology. There is also a completely new information that says about what they are working on the creation of another new engine too - V6 and 3.6-liter capacity.

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