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The scope of sales of this car is impressive: every year about 3 million. Chevrolet brand vehicles customers successfully implemented. The reason for this popularity is simple - with US firm quality their cost is relatively low. Of the other manufacturers belonging to the General Motors, Chevrolet is characterized most widespread.

Chevrolet engines have much in common with the rest of the motor car group GM, and often completely inherit them. It should be noted that their range is quite wide, but the most popular in recent years are just small-block engines V8, designed for a muscle car. For SUVs and pickups, Chevrolet also developed a suitable power units.

Powertrains Chevrolet is very durable. With the right choice of used motor of this brand, you can buy a pretty performance engine for years to come. It is important that the mileage does not exceed two hundred thousands miles, and the work of all elements was clearly debugged.

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