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Volvo is a Swedish company that specializes in the production of safe, convenient and practical cars. The company was founded in the 1927 year when went down from assembly line the first car model by brand Volvo. The new car, which is used components for assembly mainly produced in Sweden, named Jakob. The company became the first company in the world that has established three-point seat belt anchorages in the vehicle, produced serially.

Since then, the company has a reputation of the manufacturer produced the safest cars in the world. Its developments in this field are the three-point seat belt, a special beam roof, which protects the body from deformation and dual brake system with a triangular diagram. Almost all the innovations of the company today is an international standard in the automotive industry. In 1999, Volvo became the largest corporation in the Ford Motor Company, and in 2010 its owner became Chinese car manufacturer Geely.

The company produces a huge amount of motor petrol and diesel. Destination of these engines is also wide - from passenger cars to large marine ships.

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