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SAAB company was founded in April 1937 for the production of military aircraft. After the war, the company decided to start developing the car. The first car, SAAB 92001, was released in 1946. As the aviation company, SAAB has developed very successfully in terms of aerodynamics body - this feature is typical for SAAB still. Commercial success grasped company in 1959 after the release of high-quality touring SAAB 95, and in the 60s have sold well SAAB 96.

SAAB not shies to introduce new technology - in 1962 he was the first to introduce seat belts. Later came the first ventilated disc brakes and high-impact door beams. Almost all Saab engines equipped with a turbocharger. Engines Saab has good power and torque. All this provides a dynamic ride and Saab cars can rightly be called a sports car.

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