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Mitsubishi is a real Japanese motor car giant. Its cars are known and loved by almost any city in the world (where the roads). This Asian manufacturer has long engaged in scientific and technical developments with other non-reputable automobile corporations, so many platforms and aggregates Mitsubishi has been actively used far beyond the Japanese islands.

Mitsubishi engines are particularly compact. Basically, it's a 3-4 cylinder inline engines. The reason is pretty easy - vehicles of Mitsubishi are fairly small size. Nevertheless, it does not negatively affect their power. Take into account only the sensational motor 4G63, equipped with a turbocharger. His huge productivity and excellent pliability to tuning made this engine are incredibly popular among tuners worldwide.

The range of diesel engines of this company is not too wide, but still, in the Mitsubishi product range, they have. Mitsubishi engines have a fairly long life, so second-hand engines not much inferior to the new one.

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