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The company Jaguar specializes in the production of prestigious cars premium class. In 1925, William Lyons and William Walmsley its namesake founded the company, which began producing motor carriage and frame. In 1931 he began a career car companies. It began to produce luxury sports cars. In 1945 the company received the name by which we know it today - Jaguar. After three years at the London Motor Show, it is presented to the public a car of its own design Jaguar XK120. In 1989, the company buys Jaguar concern Ford. Group management determines that the branch should be engaged in the improvement of existing cars. It was only in 1996 came to a brand new race car model S-Type.

At the moment, there are 5 cars families in brands Jaguar: X-Type, XK, XJ, S-Type, and XF. But the company does not stop. A draft of the new series - F-Type. In 2008, Jaguar became a division of the Indian company Tata Motors.

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