5.9 Liter/360 Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee Engine

Colorado Springs, Colorado


AMC / Jeep Engine

525 South Weber, Colorado



Killingworth, Connecticut

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The company Jeep is a division of a large automaker Chrysler in America. It specializes in the production of off-road vehicles. The main production is located in Detroit, Michigan. History of the company associated with the name of John Willis, who founded his company called Overland Automotive Division. Over time, it was renamed the Willys-Overland Motor Company.

The first army raised passableness vehicle specialists of the company created in 1939. A little later, this car became known worldwide under the name Jeep. After the war, the company's designers have created a civilian all-terrain vehicle on the basis of the existing model. In 1970 the company became part of the group American Motors. And after 17 years he entered the "family" Chrysler.

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