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The popularity of South Korean carmaker does not fade for many years on the car market. The company exists since 1947 and its first achievements were related to the scope shipbuilding and engineering. Vehicle development in Hyundai take a few years later and the world saw the first car in 1974. Today, the company is actively cooperating with Kia, so their development is much unified and often uses identical platforms.

Most Hyundai engines are 4-cylinder inline power units installed on crossovers and cars Class B, C, D. In addition, among Hyundai motors are instances resulting from cooperation with Mitsubishi and Chrysler. They are characterized by their capacity and reliability. The most prestigious models of Hyundai cars are equipped with V8 power engines. Most of the Hyundai engines run on gasoline, although there are also some versions of diesel, mainly inline four-cylinder unit.

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