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Alfa Romeo is Italian carmaker which mostly produces high-quality sports cars and other vehicles. The first car under this brand was produced in 1906 at a small factory in Milan. Soon it has undergone many transformations - change of ownership, different variations of model range and etc. Now Alfa Romeo is a part of huge group Fiat, whose product quality is no longer a doubt.

Today car lovers, collectors and car guys all over the world appreciate the engines of Alfa Romeo for the excellent performance. At the same time, we must note that they require very careful maintenance. Thus, don't use oil beyond norms, otherwise, you may experience serious problems. The engine is not recommended to turn off immediately after driving; you need to let it run for a few more minutes for the normal cooling of the bearings. Incidentally, the cooling system also requires constant monitoring. Taking into account all recommendations, the engine will work perfectly his laid term.

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