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Mercedes 300d Turbo Diesel engine

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Mercedes Benz
model name: 617
Seller: Owner
Location: Hiram, Georgia

Selling a Mercedes 300d turbo diesel engine. It has about 230k miles on it. Comes with Turbo, Oil filter Housing, All Manifolds Injector pump and a good set of injectors. This engine was from a station wagon that had the Hydraulic pump cast into the head (hard to find) and it comes with the pump. This is basically everything you will need to build a project vehicle with a bulletproof powerplant. I removed the head, inspected it and pressure tested it at 90psi so its a good head with no cracks. I miked the bores and they are all new spec except for one which is almost new (Off like ,0005" 1/2 of one thousandth). The guy I got it from took VERY good care of this engine. I will sell it like it is , or I will install a new Elring Klinger head gasket on it and build it complete, But you may want to see the bores before you buy it. Call or text with any questions. I also have experience in transplants and can help you with yours. Also, if you are familiar with this engine, the factory turbo oil return on all of them leak badly, I have solved that problem and those fabricated parts will come with it. Its already clean and ready to install.

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