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2000 SAAB b235e motor / engine w/ accessories (174k miles)

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condition: good
make / manufacturer: SAAB
model name: saab 9-5
size / dimensions: large
Seller: Owner
Location: maine, Maine

(Formatting due to copy/paste, cross posting on SAAB forum Name: Benjamin Brewer Location - additional details: Bowdoinham, ME Means of contact: PM to get my attention. Price: $200 no turbo / $225 including gt-17 w/ lines and banjos, etc. Transmission Type (auto/manual): setup for manual / N/A Mileage (miles/kms): 174k miles Description: Selling the motor from my parts car. I want this thing gone. Rain for 10 minutes before car started to get torn apart. Sat for 1 1/2 years prior. Ticky ticky lifters, didn’t hear notable timing chain slap. Oil drained looking old but not chunky (probably should check screen / sump regardless...). Didn’t make any smoke upon startup. Entire motor and accessories MINUS: A few brackets, here, there. Serp. tensioner (I may have this, with a bad idler pulley installed on it). NO DI included, that was a spare I had to get it running) Includes: Everything else. 30K ’new’ BOSCH starter, the alternator, the PS pump, the AC compressor that may or may not work (No idea...), etc. Can throw in a used serp belt if someone actually cares. Wiring harness, included. $200 pickup in Bowdoinham, Me, 04008 $225 pickup including little shaft play gt-17 that is currently off the motor. I want it off my lawn , please! (PS. willing to sell turbo for $60 as its own unit, including banjo bolts, lines, etc). You bring your truck; I lift engine up, you back truck up, engine gets set into your truck, you give me a few Benjamins, and you have yourself a motor. I *implore you*. Cheers, Benjamin

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