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Mercedes turbo diesel engine 603.971 350SD S350 92-95 W140

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Seller: Owner
Location: Santa maria -delivered, California

I have a rare Mercedes Benz w140 turbo Diesel engine in great condition. 603.971 OM603 Fits 1992-1995 300SD and S350 turbo diesel. Removed from a 1994 S350. Has a #18 head. This has been tested and is in good health. Compression readings are: #1 295 #2 275 #3 290 #4 290 #5 290 #6 290 We have warmed the engine up and it has no signes of overheating or cylinder head/gasket issues. The engine number plate has been machined so either this is a factory rebuilt engine or it has been rebuilt at some point. We are located in Santa Maria, CA but can offer free deliver to most SoCal areas. We also have a good used transmission 722.367 for $400. The engines comes complete with all accessories except for the main engine wiring harness which is available for an additional $650. If you need other parts from this car let us know.

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