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PONTIAC 1987 305 CID 4V Low Miles V8 ENGINE, also OTHER PARTS

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Seller: Owner
Location: Poway, California

This is a complete engine that was removed from a 1987 Pontiac TransAm with only about 100,000 original miles Removed some time ago and has been sitting It was running, just had a minor tapping noise (maybe bad lifter) Engine turns fine so it is not frozen Has original Rochester 4bbl carb which should be rebuilt due to the age Has original distributor It is a good candidate to go through, put new gaskets etc. as nearly all internals (pistons etc) should be good so not too many parts needed Heads and block no cracks Some other parts are also for sale, such as electric fan, A/C compressor, power steering pump, radiator, alternator, and starter

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