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Features of Wholesale Spare Parts Market

What Is the Difference Between OEM and Non-OEM Parts

Auto parts production and wholesale is quite a profitable business. Therefore, among those companies that supply auto parts on wholesale market, there is a fairly strong competition. Now there are many companies that offer such services. This gives customers the opportunity to choose the conditions that are best for them. But to understand where better to make wholesale purchases is not so simple.

Those companies that are engaged in wholesale deliveries of spare parts, can offer both OEM or original and non-OEM or non-original parts. The OEM parts are called the parts that are marketed under the brand name of the factory that manufactures the cars themselves. All other manufacturers offer aftermarket non-OEM parts. It should be noted that this border is very conditional. The fact that almost all automotive plants are not engaged in the manufacture of all components and parts. They place their orders for third-party companies, and then buy their products in bulk.

Such third-party manufacturers can not supply the car factory all products, but only part of it. Such a company can even sell wholesale auto parts from the same batch, which was delivered to the plant. In this case, those items on which there is a car factory stamp will be considered as the original OEM parts, and those who own the company sells (although, in fact, that the same parts) - non-OEM. Unfortunately, not all companies that manufacture auto parts, provides high quality of its products. Many such companies supply to the market a product that does not meet the quality and safety requirements.

Original spare parts are considered to be those that sell official dealers. Such parts are supplied to car plants. Those companies that are not official dealers may offer only non-original spare parts.

Typically, those companies that are engaged in wholesale deliveries of spare parts, specialize in one specific car brand or multiple brands. Such an approach makes it possible to establish regular contact with experienced manufacturers and offer the customer the best quality products.