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Repair Or Replace Your Engine?

Repair or Replace Your Engine? The pros and cons of each option.

We are often asked - what is better: to repair a broken engine or replace it completely. What is cheaper? What is more profitable? What is faster? What is easier way?

The answer, looking ahead - 95% of cases are economically feasible to replace on used engine. But even there are exceptions, and in some situations, repair or purchase of a new motor are more than justified. Let's look at each variant in order.


Repair is good in those cases where we deal with a rather "fresh" engine (no more than 3 years and 100,000 miles driven), which has broken separate spare part. This part does not affect the work of other components of the engine, while the cost of this parts and work on its replacement is negligible. Then really better to repair or replace a separate part.

But, unfortunately, this does not often happen. In most cases, the problem with the engine is not associated with the failure of any one unit, but with a deep worn out whole motor. In this case, you are likely to hear the standard sentence from the repairer - engine overhaul.

According to most experts, engine overhaul - this is the most time-consuming and difficult operation of all the others. At the same time, repairs should be engaged only highly skilled craftsmen, since this process involves working with technology maps and the electronic catalog of the manufacturer.

You have to be sure in the master on 100%, which will carry out repairs, otherwise be ready to unforeseen financial costs. Easy assembly and disassembly of the engine will cost a lot of money. In this case, the price does not include other works, for example: grinding, lapping valves, honing and more depending on the situation. We can say one thing - quality engine overhaul is almost always more expensive than buying the used engine.

Buy a New Engine

Buying a new engine definitely is good that you will be sure in perfect technical condition of motor. However, if it can still be justified for a new car, then for used - it is from 30% up to 100% of its market value, which in many ways contradicts common sense.

Buy a Used Engine

In most cases, it turns out that to replace all engine completely economical than some parts separately + repair. There are a number of breakages when the repairman is almost always recommends replacing the engine, instead repair it:
-Engine overheating;
-High oil consumption, which is impossible to stop;
-Any mechanical damage to the cylinder;

Therefore, replace whole engine - the best way out of this situation. Especially if you are also limit in time. In comparison with overhaul, replacement of engine is fast enough and that is not difficult. That is can make the most of service stations, in contrast, by the way, from the quality repair. The engine should to purchase from approved suppliers who work officially and providing all the necessary paperwork.