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Used Auto Parts Market

For a long time, the used parts market has acquired a lot of misconceptions. In this article we will try briefly to clarify the situation on several issues.

In developed countries, parts are taken from the disassembled vehicles (Recycling Parts) are popular not only because of its low cost, but also because of the high quality. It's production of either themselves car manufacturers or their tier one suppliers, i.e. spare parts, though used condition, arrives on the conveyor, so - parts passed stages of quality verification. The quality of these parts, even used, is much higher than new counterfeits.

Therefore, the market of used auto parts is developed in Japan, Germany, Austria, Korea, Australia, USA and many other countries. They can be bought at the famous online auction Ebay, Yahoo. In Japan and Germany, there are developed specialized closed professional online markets Ecoline, BigWave, Daparto. They join and provide online access to just disassembled vehicles, authorized dealers, who in turn supply the spare parts in service stations.

Market of used parts is well developed, and most of it is presented on the web. Most companies, that sell parts, describe in detail the products, take pictures, parameterize and keep inventory control. Therefore, choosing used parts are often much easier than new. A detailed description of parts, photo and debugged system of communication and exchange of requests between buyers and sellers allow figure out what exactly parts buyer needs.

Many car owners prefer for repair their cars to use just used spare parts. Why is that? Price. Quality. Ecology.

According to the portal, turnover of the companies in this project is $22 billion a year. For a year they get for disassembling on useful parts for further exploitation and for recycling around 5 million vehicles. Recycling saves in a year to $11.6 million tones of oil, this would go to the production of new parts and components, and $50 million, which would be needed for compensation for harm to the nature.

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