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How To Buy a Used Engine

Meaning of engine in the machine design is large - where you will go if empty under the hood? Anywhere.

But sometimes you have to fix an engine - it will not last forever. Repair process takes a lot of parts and time to complete well run engine. So we should buy a new engine. But a new engine is very expensive. And that because many people buy used engines, which car owners or specialized dealers sell on different markets.

Used engine often has a relatively small cost - sometimes by 50-60% cheaper than new. But buying a used motor, you should always check whether it is still good. Here are a few tips on how to buy used engine.

First of all, it is better to prepare in advance all questions, so then do not forget important points. Ask a seller what mileage this engine has. And start to inspection the engine.

Oil filler neck necessarily has to have a clean oil filler cap. See oil stains in gaskets locations. These stains indicate what gaskets are worn out and need to be replaced.

Open the oil filler cap, where poured engine oil is, and shine inside using a flashlight. Color of internal engine parts is usually having metallic bronze hue, and there should not be clusters of waste oil. Also look at a dipstick, which should not have too oily tube. Otherwise it is a problem with work of the ventilation system what is not able to prevent crankcase from exhaust gas. Take a look at the dipstick one more time, and touch it now - small crumbs of metal and other impurities on it also should not be. Important point - much oily engine can talk about the problems with compression.

A little advice - honest people, selling a used engine, specially do not wash it - so a buyer can see where are oil stains, or stains do not exist. Some, on the contrary, clean out an engine almost to a new condition. Is not that such cleanliness concealment of problems?

Check out the oil. Clean engine oil is not yet evidence of its total serviceability. On the contrary, you should pay attention to leaks, as most likely, here takes place to be constant refilling and that why oil not becomes dirty. The above recommendations apply to engines, both gasoline and diesel, however, remember that diesel engine oil is always darker.

Remove the spark plug (at least several). Check out the shade of soot on contacts. "Coffee with milk" color indicate on engine serviceability, black color - a oversaturated mixture of fuel. There is any oil on sparkplugs - the need to replace oil rings.

If it is possible to start the engine, be sure to do it! Look at the color of exhaust smoke, it should not be blue or black. Blue color of smoke talks about oil leaks, and black - the fault of the fuel system. If from exhaust pipe comes out dense white smoke (and warm weather outside), it talks about coolant leak into the combustion chamber. Listen to the sound of the engine. Good engine does not knock or howl. Remember also about season of year, which may give an affect on engine work. For example, engine is good, if it starts up quickly and easily in cold weather.

That is important to ask a warranty on used engine (for at least 3 months), so you did not have your money in the trash!

In summary, we note that ways to check the engine is not so much. Methods are nothing complicated, and every person can apply them in practice, including who’s having no knowledge of vehicle parts.